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Baby Zoo Drums


Baby Zoo Drums is a joyful and colorful music game for babies and toddlers. Evoking a smile on the baby's lips, it gives a good rhythm lesson and acquaints with animals such as cats, dogs and sheep. Kids are fond of twiddling their thumbs on our drums!!Features:
- Excellent animation quality;- Bright and juicy colors;- Amiable atmosphere;- A peekaboo-style mini-game;- Record and play features;- Drumming accompanied by a melody;- A full kit of drum instruments with realistic sounding!- Development of the child's fine motor skills;- Game approach to music education: development of the sense of rhythm, acquaintance with the notions of tonality and resonance; - The baby is introduced the appearance and sounds of seven animals: dog, sheep, cat, bear, cow, hen, and pig.
How To Play?
The main screen offers three mini-games. The images of the drum kit with a bell and the masked tribesman are performing a welcoming pulsation. In the middle is a small pond, where an amiable fly sits on a tussock surrounded with flowers of water lily and reeds.
1. The drum kit involves all components for a breath-taking drumming experience: a bass drum, a snare drum adorned with a note sign, three tom-toms, a plate-like cymbal and a hi-hat. A golden cow-bell tops the kit. Each hit induces vibration of the mobile device.
2. In a swamp, you'll find several tussocks and a fly with shiny wings and a smile on its lips. Touch the spot it's sitting on – and the beetle will blink and jump or fly to another hillock, gently flattering its wings. When the baby touches the tussocks, they make water drop sounds of different tonality.
3. It's a tribal masquerade, with seven animals in masks sitting on the grass in a circle. The elephant in the center is the conductor of the orchestra. When you touch any drum adorned with a fancy pattern, the elephant will perform a rotation in a blink to hit it with the drum-rod he's holding in his trunk. This'll make the animal behind the drum produce a sound and jump unveiling its face. One by one, the child will find out who mysterious tribesmen are: a dog, a sheep, a cat, a bear, a cow, a hen, and a pig.
The app boasts great quality of animation, while each of the mini games allows to record the music practice. The young musician can record his orchestra of animals, his solo drum session or a melody of tussocks accompanied by a song — and play it to the family later.
Baby Zoo Drums is perfect for children of kindergarten age, contributing to their music education and offering a flight of fancy, while lending the mother and the father a while of rest. Parents may participate in the game, as well as the grandma, the sister – or the whole family. Explain the child the names of the animals. Or that of every single drum, if the kids are old enough to understand. Or sing a song to the rhythm. Have fun and joy with you family! Thump the Baby Zoo Drums and smile!